System SCS

Stainless steel winged self-drilling façade and deck fastener for attachment of timber to steel and aluminum substructures

Twin wing, stainless steel power tool fasteners offer enormous advantages in fixing timber members, sound-proofing and decking to metal frameworks externally. Rapid installation is ensured because the fastener penetrates first the timber and then the metal in a single operation.

SCS Austenitic stainless steel fastener with carbon steel drill point and lead thread section

Fastening of timber on metal profile


  • Rapid, secure installation
  • Fastens timber to metal substructures in one step
  • Countersunk head enables efficient anchorage in both hard- and soft woods
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Hardened, zinc-plated drill points
  • Increased diameter of the timber drilling means reduced problems through shrinking and swelling of the timber
  • Stainless steel will not discolour the wood