System WR

Fastening system for high-performance joints and reinforcements

The WR system is ideal for timber connections, strengthening work or steel-to-timber attachment. You can use it in situations which were previously extremely difficult. It offers a one-off system, replacing a wide range of alternative fasteners.

The processing is carried out in one operation, without pre-drilling.

WR-T Carbon Steel: Timber to timber connection, steel to timber connection and reinforcement


Countless simple and efficient timber engineering applications include:

  • Timber to timber connections as main/secondary beam connections
  • Rafter/purlin connections and flitch beams
  • End grain connections
  • Frame corners
  • Wind bracings
  • Compression reinforcement in support area
  • Tension reinforcement perpendicular to the grain


  • Very high performance
  • Wide range of applications
  • Lengths up to 1000mm
  • Insertion parallel with the grain also possible
  • No decline of load bearing capacity from 90° to 45° relative to the grain
  • Installation without pre-drilling
  • Low splitting tendency - small spacings and distances
  • Connection not visible
  • High corrosion resistance