System WS

Self-drilling dowels for multiple shear plane steel-timber connections

The WS system consists of self-drilling dowels, a manual tool and a pneumatic frame setting tool and dimensioning reference. The dowels are inserted in the timber and through the steel plates in a single, time-saving operation without pilot drilling. Up to 3 steel plates, each up to 5 mm thick, can be penetrated. The rear surface of the timber is not penetrated. High-quality steel-timber connections can be assembled using the WS System. The system offers excellent added value making it very interesting for small and medium-sized enterprises.

WS-T Carbon Steel: Timber to steel connection


  • Numerous applications
  • Simple, reliable calculation
  • Easy to use with no pre-drilling of steel or timbers
  • Exact fit without hole clearance
  • Durable, high load-bearing connections
  • Aesthetically pleasing countersunk and no break-through fastening
  • High fire resistance
  • Powerful insertion tools for factory and on-site work