System Twin UD

Self-drilling double threaded fastener for the attachment of roof top insulation and rear ventilated facades on timber substructures

The twin UD system connects battens through external insulation on roofs and façades directly to the timber support frames, breaking through the insulation only at specific points. It offers a clear advantage over conventional transverse beaming which is far more complicated to fit and negatively influences the heat insulation properties. This solution in contrast offers optimum results with thin insulation and is quick and simple to install.

Twin UD Carbon steel double threaded fastener: Fastening of insulation system on roofs and facades


  • Specially engineered tip minimizes the danger of splitting the timber
  • Optimized double-thread with the same pitch enables adjustment of the battens
  • Knurl reduces insertion torque
  • High resistance to tension and compression due to double threading
  • Suitable for insulation layers up to 300 mm thickness
  • Minimal thermal bridging through continuous insulation layer
  • Complete range from 170 mm to 480 mm length