Order and Delivery Services

Our reputation is built on flexible and attentive fastener supply services to meet the needs of our customers. Despite the fact that our delivery service for standard items vary according to order specifications, SFS also accommodates express deliveries.

Our products can be customized with:

  • labeling requirements
  • bagging, packaging and carton requirements
  • color matching
  • consignment programs
  • skid configurations

Expedited shipping services can be accommodated when active construction sites demand immediate attention.


  • Customized labelling (box and bag)
  • Customized packaging (box and bag)
  • Customized bagging and packaging
  • Consignment inventory at customer's facility
  • Custom color match-up charge in small and large volumes
  • Customized packing slips / skid sheets
  • Specialized skid configuration
  • Expedited paint orders
  • Expedited packaging / boxing
  • Residential delivery service
  • Broken box purchase
  • Customer preferred freight carrier
  • Cancellation fee

For information on U.S. Construction Services, please contact:
» 1-800-234-4533
» us.construction@sfsintec.biz